Configuration of the service - file config.ini

section: [World]

key: World_name

key: Server_port

section: [PC_Creation]

key: CreationPoints

Usually 3000

key: RaceRestriction

Usually 1

section: [Feedback]

key: High_Open_Ended

This value indicates the threshold of high open ended rolls. This value tells the sistem how many values from the top are valid for an open ended roll. I.e. if is set to 1 only the highest value "100" can be considered an open ended value.

If an open ended is obtained the dice is rolled again and summed to the previous value. Note that if the previous value is a low open ended roll the next value is summed as negative

usually 1

key: Low_Open_Ended

usually 1

section: [PKilling]

key: Min_level

Level at which you can start PKilling and being PKilled!

usually 30

key: Feedback

usually 2

section: [Skills]

key: Count

Primary skills are used to determinate the level of the character. In fact the level is the avarage of primary skills' levels. See Primary skills for further details on determining primary skills.

usually 10

key: Max_level

This value rapresents the maximum allowable level for skills (and players). The chances of success are lvlx5%, so if you choose lvl 50 (suggested) it means that you success rate is 250%. But it is not too hight! You can pile up malus enought for a -250% so this mean that you can fail also with a huge success rate.

See difficulties for further informations.

usually 50

key: Normal_level

If you use level restrictions for abilities this is the maximum level for non primary skills. If you set 20 that means that you have a 100% rate of success (but you should consider also that actions can have malus up to -200%). See skills for further details.

usually 20

key: Opening

Used for skill opening limitations. See skills opening for further details.

usually 1

key: Cost_vs_MinStat

usually 25

key: Lvl_vs_MinStat

usually 5

key: Levelling_limitation

This option is used to choose the level based skill limitation.

usually 2

key: Stat_limited_levelling

Skill opening and levelling can be limited due to lacking of predispositions. This happens when a character has low stats.

Be warned! In EleiDras there are no professions. So the skill improving is limited only by abilities. So we suggest to set this option to 1 or better to 2. Never to 0, or you'll have power players! Consider also that low maximals in abilities is also considered an heavy limitation. But if you choose 0 the most of the limitation is gone!

usually 2

key: TreeLevelling_limitation

Some skills have prerequired skills. This option is ment to limit the acquisition of skills without the propedeutic skill. We strongly suggest to loosen this limitation if you set a strict levelling_limitation, or you could find no characters with high level skills of high circle.

usually 1

section: [Security]

key: validator

This is a very important feature. Validator is an encrypting string used to transfer data from servet to clienat end vice versa. In particular is used when client keep data saved. This key can detect if the player file has been maliciously edited.

usually set to 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000